Nov 16, 2022

Exploration trucks

The overland exploration vehicle was a military-grade truck, with four wheels and a large engine. 

It could run on road or offroad, had an independent suspension, and was able to carry four passengers for short distances. Its maximum speed was 90km/h, which meant it couldn't keep up with the main body of the convoy. However, its flatbed could be used as a cargo box. 

It also had a large space in the back where you were storing your luggage. We were currently carrying around twenty kilograms of food and other necessities that were essential to survival during an expedition.

With the exception of the driver's cabin at the front, the rest of the truck was open—there were no windows nor any interior partitions. 

The only exceptions to this were a small partition near the rear doors that served as a storage area, and two curtains that hung from a steel frame above the rear door. 

These were to prevent the passengers' belongings being thrown out when the truck was going down steep slopes at high speeds.