Dec 11, 2022

An Unfinished Movie : Tin Robot


Tin Robot was a movie that was never completed. It was a sci-fi thriller that revolved around a robot who had been programmed to protect a young girl from danger.

The movie began with the girl, a precocious and curious child named Sarah, discovering the robot hidden in her attic. She was fascinated by the robot and quickly formed a bond with it. She named the robot Tin and together, they embarked on a series of adventures.

As the movie progressed, Sarah and Tin faced various challenges and obstacles, including a group of bullies at school and a dangerous thief who was after a valuable artifact that Sarah had stumbled upon.

Despite the challenges, Tin remained loyal to Sarah and always found a way to protect her. The audience was left rooting for the unlikely duo as they fought to survive and uncover the truth behind the robot's creation.

However, the movie was never finished due to a lack of funding and the sudden departure of the director. The unfinished film remains a mystery, leaving audiences wondering what could have been and what fate awaited Sarah and Tin.