Dec 15, 2022

Interstellar Prom : color sketch from planet explorer

The Interstellar Party is a colorful sketch from the perspective of a planet explorer. The scene is teeming with vibrant hues, from the bright blue of the alien sky to the neon pink of the planetary flora.

The partygoers are a diverse group of beings, each with their own unique appearance and dress. Some are humanoid, while others are more insect-like or reptilian in nature. They all dance and celebrate together, their joy and excitement palpable.

At the center of the gathering is a stage, where a band of extraterrestrial musicians play their instruments and sing. The music is a fusion of alien melodies and Earthly beats, creating a hypnotic and infectious rhythm.

As the planet explorer looks on, they can't help but feel a sense of wonder and awe at the beauty and diversity of the universe. The Interstellar Party is a testament to the power of unity and connection, even among beings from different worlds.