Dec 20, 2022

Jungle Carnival : Photography

 The Jungle Carnival is a commercial photography project featuring the Gaboli brand collection. Set against the vibrant backdrop of a lush, tropical jungle, the images showcase the playful and colorful nature of the clothing and accessories on offer.

Models can be seen posing amongst the foliage, their bright and bold outfits standing out against the green and brown tones of the environment. The collection itself ranges from playful and casual, with printed t-shirts and relaxed dresses, to more formal and elegant pieces such as evening gowns and suits.

The use of natural light and a vibrant color palette helps to create a sense of energy and excitement, while the playful poses and movements of the models add to the lighthearted and fun atmosphere of the carnival.

Overall, the Jungle Carnival commercial photography project effectively captures the essence of the Gaboli brand and its collection, highlighting its playful and vibrant nature through the use of colorful and energetic imagery.