Jan 10, 2023

Equator : Scary Variation

 The Equator was a biotech company that was known for its cutting-edge research and development. However, their latest project, called "Scary Variation," was shrouded in secrecy and fear.

Rumors circulated about strange and unsettling experiments being conducted within the company's walls. Some even claimed to have seen grotesque, mutated creatures roaming the halls at night.

Despite these rumors, the company continued to thrive, its profits skyrocketing as more and more people became interested in their mysterious work. But as the company grew, so too did the horror that seemed to surround it.

One day, a group of brave individuals decided to investigate the company and uncover the truth behind their terrifying experiments. They ventured into the heart of the Equator, and what they found was beyond their worst nightmares.

The group discovered that the company had been conducting experiments on humans, using them as test subjects for their gruesome creations. These monsters were unlike anything they had ever seen before, with twisted bodies and grotesque features.

As they tried to escape, the group was chased by these horrors, their screams echoing through the halls. They barely managed to escape with their lives, and their horror stories about the Equator and its Scary Variation project spread like wildfire.

The company was eventually shut down, its horrors exposed to the world. But the memory of the Equator and its terrifying experiments continued to haunt those who had witnessed it firsthand.