Jan 31, 2023

Glory of King : Episode 8 - Beast Taming Spirit


"Beast Taming Spirit" is a historical drama that explores the theme of myth and history. The episode follows the story of a young king who possesses a unique ability to tame beasts. He is tasked with taming a ferocious monster that has been terrorizing the kingdom for years.

The king sets out on a journey to capture the monster, but he soon realizes that his powers are not enough to subdue it. He encounters an old sage who tells him about a legendary beast tamer who once lived in the kingdom and had the power to control all beasts. The king decides to seek the guidance of this mythical figure, hoping that his teachings will help him tame the monster.

As the king embarks on this journey, he learns about the history of the kingdom and the significance of the beast tamer. The old sage explains that the beast tamer was a powerful figure who used his powers for the good of the kingdom and its people. He was revered as a hero, and his legacy lived on for generations.

The king finally meets the beast tamer, who teaches him the art of beast taming. With his newfound knowledge, the king successfully captures the monster and returns it to the kingdom. He is celebrated as a hero and is recognized as the next beast tamer.

The episode showcases the intersection of myth and history, as it portrays the king's journey to discover the truth behind the beast tamer and his powers. The king learns that the tamer's abilities were not just a myth, but a part of the kingdom's rich history. The episode ends with the king being hailed as the next great beast tamer, continuing the legacy of this mythical figure.

Overall, "Glory of King: Episode 8 - Beast Taming Spirit" is a thrilling and thought-provoking historical drama that explores the themes of myth, history, and heroism. With its intricate plot and well-developed characters, the episode captivates audiences and takes them on a journey through time and into the heart of the kingdom's rich cultural heritage.