Apr 3, 2023

『精』: Millenary Natural Creatures


Deep in the heart of the forest, among the towering trees and rustling underbrush, there exist creatures that have lived for millennia. Some are benevolent, others are malevolent, but all are steeped in mystery and myth.

The plant elves, for instance, are said to be the guardians of the forest, tasked with protecting its flora and fauna from harm. They are elusive creatures, often only glimpsed by those with pure hearts and a deep respect for nature.

But to those who would dare to harm the forest, the plant elves are said to be vengeful and ruthless, using their powers over the plant life to ensnare and trap their prey.

But the forest is not all benevolent creatures and gentle guardians. There are darker things lurking in the shadows, things that have been around since long before humanity. Creatures that hunger for flesh and blood, creatures that revel in fear and pain.

The forest holds many secrets, and some say that it is not wise to venture too deep within its depths. For there are things that lurk there, things that prey upon the unwary and the foolish. And though they may not be monsters in the traditional sense, the millenary natural creatures of the forest are no less terrifying.

Legends tell of creatures with gnarled limbs and twisted branches for hair, their eyes glowing with an otherworldly light. These are the forest spirits, ancient beings that have existed since the dawn of time.

Some say that they are the guardians of the forest, while others believe that they are malevolent creatures, feeding off the fear and terror of those who dare to cross their paths.

There are also tales of the forest dryads, creatures that are born from the trees themselves. They are said to be the spirits of the ancient trees, and they are fiercely protective of their homes. To harm a tree that is inhabited by a dryad is to invite the wrath of these powerful creatures.

But the most terrifying of all the millenary natural creatures are the forest wraiths. They are the spirits of those who have died in the forest, their souls twisted and corrupted by the dark magic that permeates the trees. They are said to be the embodiment of the forest's wrath, hunting down those who would defile its sacred grounds.

Many have entered the forest, never to return. Some say that they were taken by the millenary natural creatures, their bodies and souls consumed by the ancient magic that permeates the forest. Others say that they simply lost their way, wandering deeper and deeper into the forest until they were lost forever.

But regardless of the truth behind these legends, there is no denying that the millenary natural creatures of the forest are a force to be reckoned with. They are creatures of myth and legend, born from the magic of the forest itself, and they will continue to haunt the dreams of those who dare to enter their realm.

For those who have had the misfortune of encountering these millenary natural creatures, their stories are often filled with terror and despair. They speak of being stalked by shadowy figures with glowing eyes, of hearing whispers on the wind that seem to come from all around them, and of feeling the very ground beneath them come alive with malevolent energy.

Even those who do not believe in the legends of the forest cannot deny the strange and eerie feeling that permeates the air. The trees seem to whisper to each other, their branches creaking and swaying in a way that is not quite natural. The leaves rustle and crunch underfoot, even when there is no breeze to speak of. And in the quiet of the night, strange sounds can be heard echoing through the forest, sounds that cannot be explained by any known animal or bird.

For those who are brave enough to enter the forest, it is a place of wonder and beauty, a world that is alive with magic and mystery. But it is also a place of danger and darkness, a place where the millenary natural creatures of the forest lurk in the shadows, waiting to ensnare the unwary and the unprepared.

And so, the legends of the millenary natural creatures continue to be passed down through the generations, warning those who would dare to venture too deep into the heart of the forest.

For though they may not be monsters in the traditional sense, the creatures that dwell within the forest are no less terrifying, and they will continue to haunt the dreams of those who dare to cross their paths.