Apr 12, 2023

『怪』Monsters:Childhood Secret Friends


In the world of manga, there is often a recurring theme of childhood secret friends that take on the form of monsters. These mythological creatures, drawn from various folklore and legends, are often depicted as strange and mysterious creatures that are invisible to adults but can be seen and interacted with by children.

These secret friends are often depicted as being helpful to the children they befriend, providing them with advice, protection, and companionship. In many cases, the monsters become the children's only confidantes, offering a safe and secure space where they can talk about their fears and worries without being judged.

The monsters themselves are typically depicted as having a wide range of abilities and powers, from shape-shifting and telekinesis to the ability to control the elements or summon magical creatures. They are often portrayed as being wise and ancient beings, possessing knowledge and understanding far beyond that of human children.

Despite their often fearsome appearances, the monsters in manga are not necessarily evil or malevolent. Rather, they are seen as complex beings with their own motivations and desires, often acting as protectors or guides for the children they befriend.

In the world of manga, childhood secret friends offer a unique lens through which to explore themes of friendship, growing up, and the power of imagination. Through their fantastical adventures, these young heroes learn to navigate the challenges of life, and discover the strength and courage they need to face the future.

However, not all childhood secret friends take on the form of mythological creatures. In the real world, some children create imaginary friends to help them cope with the challenges of growing up.

For many children, these imaginary friends take on the form of "real-life monsters". These creatures may be drawn from everyday experiences, such as a fear of the dark or a fear of strangers. They may also be inspired by the stories and movies that children consume, such as ghosts, aliens, or monsters under the bed.

While these monsters may seem terrifying to adults, to children, they represent a way of confronting and overcoming their fears.

Through their imaginary friends, children can explore their anxieties and learn to develop strategies for coping with them. They may talk to their monster friends about their worries, ask for their advice, or even draw pictures of them to help them feel more in control.

As with their mythological counterparts, real-life monsters can take on a variety of personalities and abilities. Some may be helpful, providing children with comfort and support. Others may be mischievous, playing tricks on their human companions. And still, others may be frightening, representing the very things that the child fears most.

While imaginary friends are a normal part of childhood development, parents and caregivers should pay attention to their child's interactions with their imaginary friends, particularly if their behavior becomes obsessive or problematic.

In most cases, however, these secret friends are harmless and represent a creative way for children to explore their emotions and build resilience in the face of adversity.

In recent years, the concept of childhood secret friends has even made its way into the world of real-life monsters. Some children claim to have befriended creatures that cannot be explained by science or rational thinking. These creatures may take on the form of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or even extraterrestrial beings.

While these claims may seem fantastical to many adults, to the children who have encountered these creatures, they are very real. Some experts suggest that these experiences may be a form of coping mechanism, allowing children to create a sense of control in a world that can often be unpredictable and frightening.

Regardless of their origins, childhood secret friends, whether in manga or real life, represent a powerful symbol of the human imagination.

They remind us that even in the face of darkness and uncertainty, we have the ability to create our own worlds and shape our own destinies. As we grow older, these secret friends may fade into memory, but their influence remains, inspiring us to embrace our creativity and imagination in all aspects of our lives.