Apr 3, 2023

Nightmare : Cthulhu Awakens

In the depths of space, beyond the reaches of our understanding, lies the mysterious planet of Mars. At its surface, the barren wasteland appears lifeless, but hidden within the shadows of the rocky terrain, something evil lurks.

The Mars Station Area 71 was a desolate place, with red dust covering everything in sight. It was a place of solitude, where the only sound was the low hum of machinery and the occasional howl of the Martian wind. But that all changed when the nightmares started.

Station Area 71 was once a bustling hub of activity for the Mars exploration team, but now it lies abandoned and forgotten. A sense of dread lingers in the air, as if the very planet itself were warning those who dare to trespass upon its surface.

In the darkness of the abandoned station, a lone figure stirs. It is Cthulhu, a monstrous being of unfathomable power and ancient wisdom. His awakening was prophesied eons ago, and now he has come to claim his rightful place as ruler of this desolate planet.

The very air around him seems to vibrate with a malevolent energy as he strides through the abandoned corridors, his massive tentacles slithering and coiling around him. The once pristine walls are now covered in a thick layer of slime, and the only sounds that can be heard are the skittering of unseen creatures and the occasional drip of something foul.

Cthulhu's eyes, if one could call them that, glow with a sinister light as he surveys his domain. He knows that there are still those who seek to stop him, but they are mere ants to his colossal form.

As he continues his journey through the station, his power grows stronger with each passing moment. He can feel the energy of the planet itself flowing into him, fueling his power and granting him even greater strength.

The other beings on Mars know that they are doomed, for Cthulhu has awakened from his slumber, and no force in the universe can stand against him. They cower in fear, praying that they will not be the ones to draw his attention.

For Cthulhu is the stuff of nightmares, a being beyond mortal comprehension, and he has come to Mars to claim it as his own. At first, the crew dismissed the dreams as a side effect of their isolation and the harsh conditions they were living in. But as the dreams became more vivid and intense, they realized there was something else at play.

It wasn't until the arrival of the ancient being known as Cthulhu that they understood the true nature of their nightmares. The creature, with its massive tentacled form, towered over the crew like a god from some eldritch realm. It was a sight that would have driven most men insane, but the crew had been preparing for this moment for years.

The nightmares that had plagued them were now a reality, and they could do nothing to stop it. As Cthulhu's presence grew stronger, the crew began to feel their minds slip away, replaced by a madness that was beyond their control.

In the end, there was only the sound of screaming, the crushing weight of Cthulhu's massive form, and the realization that they had been foolish to think they could stand against the forces of the universe. The crew of Mars Station Area 71 were no more, victims of their own hubris and the awakening of a being beyond their comprehension.