Apr 19, 2023

Protoss : Medieval High Civilization


The Protoss are a mysterious and powerful race, shrouded in dark legends and mythologies. According to the lore, they originated from a distant planet, where they developed a medieval high civilization that combined technological advances with magic and mysticism.

Their society was ruled by a powerful caste system, with the Templar warriors at the top, followed by the Judicators, and then the Khalai, who were the workers and artisans. They were known for their psychic abilities, which they used for everything from communicating with each other to controlling the elements.

However, their advanced civilization was not without its flaws. The Protoss were fascinated with genetic engineering and experimented with hybridizing their own DNA with that of beasts, humans, and insects, in order to create powerful new creatures that could serve as their weapons and tools.

But the results of these experiments were often unpredictable and dangerous. Some of the hybrid creatures turned on their creators, displaying intelligence and cunning beyond what the Protoss had anticipated. The Protoss soon learned to fear their own creations, and many of the hybrid beasts were locked away or destroyed.

Despite these dangers, the Protoss continued to experiment with genetic engineering, driven by their insatiable thirst for power and knowledge. They believed that they were the chosen ones, destined to rule the galaxy and shape the course of history.

But as their experiments grew ever more ambitious and reckless, the Protoss began to realize that they had unleashed forces that they could not control. Their once-great civilization began to crumble, as internal conflicts and external threats took their toll.

Today, the Protoss are a shadow of their former glory, haunted by their past mistakes and struggling to survive in a galaxy that has moved beyond them. Their hybrid creations still roam the galaxy, a testament to their once-great power and ambition. But the Protoss themselves have become a cautionary tale, a warning to others who would tamper with the mysteries of science and magic.

Despite their advanced civilization, the Protoss were not immune to the trials and tribulations of medieval history. They too were drawn into the great conflicts of their time, often playing pivotal roles in the outcome of these events.

One such event was the War of the Five Kings, a brutal conflict that ravaged the kingdoms of Westeros. The Protoss were initially neutral in the conflict, content to observe from afar. But when the armies of House Stark and House Lannister clashed on the fields of the Riverlands, the Protoss could no longer remain on the sidelines.

Led by the legendary Templar warrior, Artanis, the Protoss intervened in the battle, unleashing their advanced technology and psychic abilities against the armies of both sides. The forces of House Stark were awed by the power of the Protoss, and many of them rallied to their cause. Together, they were able to turn the tide of the battle, and secure a crucial victory.

But the Protoss were not content to simply play the role of saviors. They had their own agenda, and their own vision for the future of Westeros. Artanis declared that he would lead the armies of the Protoss against the Iron Throne, and claim the realm for his own.

This declaration sent shockwaves throughout the kingdoms, and many of the other noble houses began to fear the power of the Protoss. But Artanis was undeterred, and he began to gather his forces, forging alliances with other factions that shared his vision for a new order in Westeros.

In the end, the Protoss were able to seize the Iron Throne, establishing a new dynasty that would rule over the realm for centuries to come. Their reign was marked by great advances in technology and magic, and they ushered in a new era of prosperity and progress.

But the legacy of the Protoss was not without its flaws. Their hybrid creations still roamed the land, and many of them proved to be a constant source of danger and instability. And the power of the Protoss themselves began to wane, as internal conflicts and external threats began to take their toll.

Yet, for a brief moment in history, the Protoss had stood at the forefront of medieval civilization, shaping the course of events and leaving their mark on the world.