Nov 26, 2022

Colorful Origami Facial-Costume Mask


The mask is made of paper, and thus can be folded. It has a "face" on one side, which may make it seem like the wearer is smiling or laughing. The other side features a large, rounded opening that looks like an eye.

What this mask does: This mask will give you the appearance of wearing a colorful origami facial-costume mask. While in this form, your face will appear to be smiling or laughing at all times. You can still talk normally; it's just an effect only.

This mask was originally created by Origami Yummi as part of her collection of fancy masks, but she decided not to sell them because they were too difficult to assemble and would have been expensive. She gave these masks away instead.

It's unknown if this mask is simply meant for show, or actually helps improve your mood somehow. However, there are some who believe that wearing such a mask can actually put people off. Perhaps the mask's true purpose isn't to hide your emotions but rather to help you keep from becoming too attached to others?