Nov 26, 2022

Medieval Terror Tales

 The Cursed Warrior and the Four-Armed Monster

The story begins with a scene of a burial ground, where one finds bones of warriors from many different times. One can imagine that this is where the stories in this book will come from.

A warrior lays dead on his side, surrounded by his comrades who have likewise perished. They are all killed by an unknown enemy. In the center of them all stands a warrior dressed in black armor with a strange face on their chest. He wears no other markings to identify him as anything more than just another soldier in the horde.

The monster had been lying in wait for the passing traveller. He was a black, evil thing with four arms.

The creature's arms were very powerful, and could lift great weights and crush with ease. In this way it dragged its victim to one of the many pits that littered the countryside.

Once there, it would tear at the flesh until there was nothing left but bones. Then it would bury the bones, so as to be rid of them forever. It never ate meat, although sometimes it consumed raw vegetables.