Dec 5, 2022

Fashion sketch as OZ style

 The fashion sketch would feature bold and vibrant colors, with exaggerated shapes and proportions. 

The outfits would likely incorporate elements of fantasy and whimsy, drawing inspiration from the fantastical world of Oz and its inhabitants. The clothing would be playful and imaginative, incorporating unique details and textures. 

Accessories such as oversized hats and whimsical jewelry would also be included in the design. Overall, the fashion sketch would have a fun and imaginative feel, capturing the essence of the magical land of Oz.

Fantasy color scheme for OZ style sketches

The bright, vivid colors used in the OZ-inspired sketches would draw attention to specific areas of the body, accentuating their shape and form. Bold designs and playful silhouettes would provide a sense of movement and motion. 

The exaggerated shapes would make the clothing appear large on the models, emphasizing their movements when walking down the runway or posing for the cameras. Attention would be drawn to the garments' details, giving them an extra touch of whimsy that would differentiate these designs from other couture collections.